Sad Times…… Lost Post – Updated!

Very happy to say that the amazing Anna has sent me a copy of it, so it’s been reinstated back in it’s original place (or will hopefully be if/when I work out how)

One of my posts from Friday has gone missing….

“Friday PT in the Park in the Snow I love, love, loved this morning’s PT session in Finsbury Park It was chilly, there was still loads of snow on the ground, but true to form Jel had a great session lined up and I’m not sure we’ve giggled so much in a session for ages….. I’d have to ask…”

That’s all that’s left of it…. copied and pasted from the auto-post to facebook. Not in my trash folder or in Google’s cache – feel quite sad as it was one of my favorite posts I’d written and I’d pretty much remembered my entire PT session – no clue what we did now other than piggy backs and monkey bars as there were photos of that!


monkey barMonkey bars


7 thoughts on “Sad Times…… Lost Post – Updated!

  1. I have the text of your full post from that day in my email still. I can copy and paste it in an email to you or something if you’d like. Just reply with your email address and I’d be happy to. Sorry to hear about the computer eating your post!


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