No running but a trip to physio

So, still poorly, but now merely fed-up rather than sulking and back in work

I’ve not been for a run since Saturday…… this is not good in terms of running the London Marathon training, but as I walked a marathon last year, I guess really what is the worst that can happen?

On the up side, my abs have stopped aching and I’ve been seen by the physio – Tom – my first ever male physio. Lovely man, but evil with his palpations and limb manipulations!

The good things – I have great knees, so no worries on that front, my hips aren’t bad – I checked whether I should worry about ‘not bad’ and he just laughed (so I’m taking that as ‘no, they’re also wonderful’)

The bad – my knee pain appears to be due to my semitendinosus….. a muscle at the back on the knee that comes down from the hamstring.



Tom gave me some stretches to do

1. stand on a step, hang my heels off the edge and stretch out my achilles/calves

2. stand facing a wall with your foot about 10cm away and bend your knee as far as you can towards the wall (basically stand far enough away that your knee doesn’t hit it, but not so far that you’re miles away!) should feel like a similar but different stretch to the first one

3. a hamstring stretch, he suggested putting my foot up on a chair, bending the standing leg and pushing my hips back

When I asked him how often I should be doing it – basically as often as I can…….


Booked in again for 2 weeks time for some soft tissue massaging – I’d hope it would be relaxing, but somehow after his manipulations of today I think not…….

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