Friday PT in the Park in the Snow

I love, love, loved this morning’s PT session in Finsbury Park

It was chilly, there was still loads of snow on the ground, but true to form Jel had a great session lined up and I’m not sure we’ve giggled so much in a session for ages…..

I’d have to ask Nikki for the finer details of this morning, but from what I remember we warmed up with some running, side stepping, jumping jacks, spotted dogs, jumping jacks with spotted dog arms and vice versa……

Also some high knees so we hit Jel’s hands at waist height, then some super high knees with his hands at chest height (this may have resulted in me kicking him before I got the hang of the technique…)

Then we did……

sprints out and back to 5 trees, each one progressively further away

linked arms, one of us facing forwards, the other backwards and ran out to each of the trees again

then we had to take it in turns to piggy back each other out to each of the trees – much giggling and debating the advantage of the use of the inner thigh squeeze

lots of high knees on the spot doing progressively more each time

Finally a break for water!

Then off to do the monkey bars – Tough Mudder training and so much laughter!

There’s a play park where, for Nikki and I, we can reach the monkey bars if we stand on tip toes – so perfect for practicing without plummeting to the ground if we fall!

For our first go all we had to do was move ourselves across while the other one supported our weight slightly. Jel demonstrated on me, I helped Nikki, all good. Then Nikki tried to support me, but basically dragged me along and I had to keep moving my hands to keep up with her!

Eventually she got the hang of it when I told her to give me a cuddle round the middle and essentially rest her head next to my boobs – did the trick and off we went!

Me now ably assisted by Nikki

 monkey bar
And Nikki assisted by me

 Monkey bars

After 5 goes each we had to try it by ourselves. I couldn’t move one rung until Jel came and took some of my weight, whereas Nikki was across like a shot – so jealous!

Then Jel had us trying to do pull ups using the bar with Nikki and I supporting each other legs again – thankfully as I was clinging to the bars and Nikki was holding me in a swan dive Jel realised that our session was nearly over, so he gave up on the idea of us helping each other and he assisted us himself – far more time efficient!

We did 5 each, although I managed to hit my head on the last one. All I can say is that I’m glad Jel is so strong as we were rubbish!

Then all that was left was time for a quick stretch, high 5s and off to work

Have been worried that I wasn’t going to be able to fit my Jel PT in with all my running, but I love it so much I’ll definitely find a way to keep it all going



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