Fun in the gym instead of run in the snow

Yesterday due to the snow, instead of the planned tempo run, I had a gym session with Gray.

He made me do a circuit that instead of being in my ‘can hold a conversation’ zone made me work at my ‘can barely hold a conversation’ level.

I described the circuit to Nikki yesterday as…..

5mins run
20 squats with a 10kg kettlebell
shoulders and head on a swissball in a kind of bridge 2x5kg weights raise above chest and back to either side of boobs 20x
5 mins rowing – I kept around 37 strokes/min
20 lunges with 3kg weights
20 weird ‘pull’ thing while 1/4 squatting…. weight level where the weights go from the little stack to the first big one….
2 min rest


Not sure that you could reproduce that in the gym yourselves without further demonstration/instruction from that description, but you get the idea!

It was fun, but hard, the swissball thing in particular, did 2/3 perfectly, the rest were wobbly, arms wrong, but I didn’t fall off!!

And I learnt a lovely new hamstring stretch, but there’s no way I can describe it….. well, you kind of do an arabesque (like in ballet) – leaning forward and lifting one leg up, hanging the same arm as leg you’re lifting down by your side while holding a light (3kg) weight, once you’ve got your balance lift the opposite hand up so your arm, body and leg all make a straight line…. Try it and see!!


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