Proof of the snowyness


Photos from Sunday before and after my run!



8 thoughts on “Proof of the snowyness

  1. Hmm,. I think I need more proof that you actually ran. Just joking, its been snowing again here all day but its not stuck though, but it is cold. And have you decided on that gps watch yet?


      1. That’s what I thought… well it makes for a nice change – doesn’t it ? London has changed so much over the last 20 or so years… guess the weather had to follow that trend… 🙂


      2. You were in London before Germany? Only been in London for 4 years, this is tbe most snow I’ve seen. Had a lot more when I was In Birmingham and remember massive snow drifts as a child. I love the snow, makes everywhere look so pretty


    1. If it’s any help my journey home tonight took 30mins longer than usual – severe delays on Victoria line, thrown off at Kings Cross and had to get Picadilly line instead……


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