Nike Plus sport band – grrrrrrr

So, having been for a run and not managed to start the timer, then it having no battery, yesterday I managed to get it to record my run – whoop!

Today, try and upload the run, despite me being able to see it on the band, the website denies that there’s a new run on there – stupid thing.

Also it’s still not holding its charge for more than 24 hours

Is this the excuse I’ve been looking for to invest in a Garmin of some sort?


4 thoughts on “Nike Plus sport band – grrrrrrr

  1. Well at least the thing can be seen… friend of mine had a detection problem, the band wasn’t detected on the site at all… the forums are a great place for solving issues…
    Nike has it’s share of problems… I am using Nike + with my iphone and the problem there is that the gps is not tracking the run from the beginning… kicks in a little later… gets on my t***, however I have gotten used to it… Was looking at a Garmin Forerunner 310 xt… they are supposed to be good…


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