DinoSnores and Snow

Had an amazing weekend, spent Saturday night in the Natural History Museum having a sleep over with Dippy. I love the NHM, 5 friends and I along with a couple of hundred others had the museum to ourselves for the evening. We had dinner, saw a fab comedian called Bec Hill – check her out, wondered the peaceful galleries, ate insects, listened to a lovely harpist, heard ghost stories and eventually went to bed around 3am.

All amazing, until it dawned on me that we were waking at 7 for breakfast and I a run ahead of me!

We woke relieved that neither the ghosts nor the dinosaurs had got us in the night, had a yummy cooked breakfast, changed out of our onesies and headed home…..

I was back in Finsbury Park by 11am and in bed by 11:05. My plan was to head straight out for a run, but the bed was so warm and cosy!

After a wonderful power snooze and a magic pancake it was time to head out and into the snow – it had settled tonight and had been snowing since we left the NHM – was lovely and crunch to run in.

Did a loop of Finsbury Park park, along the Parkland walk to Highgate and back for another mini loop of the park. A snowy just over 6 miles in just over 1hr.

Managed to get my Nike band to work this time so the first properly timed run of the year!





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