Run in the Snow!!!!!

It was fab! 3miles, 33:52min, -2 degrees C

2.5 miles of beautiful crunchy snow, marred only by the treacherous bit of getting to Regents Park and back along the slushy footpaths

1 t-shirt and 1 long sleeved top, long leggings and a buff and I was super cosy




4 thoughts on “Run in the Snow!!!!!

  1. well sounds like you had a good one… running on snow is very nice, however the treacherous parts I could do without… did a good bit of uphill running this morning and found that quite exhausting, because of road conditions… I see you are preparing for the London marathon… I was thinking about a half marathon… just not quite there yet…


  2. Half marathons are fun – long enough to need training for, but tends not to take over your life in the way I find marathon training does. Thankfully my route today was essesntially flat and fresh new snow.
    More worried about Sunday, my longer run and on older snow, but we shall see – either way it’s great to be out there.
    Have a great weekend


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