Resting Heart Rate

Quick question really, my resting heart rate is 54bpm, I’m 37 and looking this up on the ever reliable wikipedia puts me in the ‘athlete’ category.

Nice though that is to read I am a tad surprised. Just wondering what other peoples resting heart rates are!


11 thoughts on “Resting Heart Rate

  1. The other morning I checked mine….44. I have been as low as into the 30s before. Resting HR is not really anything to go by, that is just what your body can do naturally when it is in it’s most relaxed state. Anyone that consistently does sport should be sub 60bpm I believe, and then the fitter you are, the lower it goes (Seb Coe AFTER he retired was apparently at 25bpm) It’s more what your body can do when it’s active that’s the main thing, therefore a max test is probably a better indicator of your fitness. You “should” be able to get your HR up to 183 (220-age although there is a better predictor out there if you search for it), but if you’re not fit enough you either won’t be able to get near that…or if you can, you’ll rise to that very quickly, and thus tire yourself out instantly. Hope this helps a lil bitty. 🙂


  2. I am a 53-year old distance cyclist. My morning resting heart rate runs between 49 and 55. A few times when I’ve over-trained it has gone up to 60 (which meant I had to take a couple days off the bike).


      1. I am a distance cyclist (frequent rides of over 100 miles or more) and two of the classic signs of over-training are when your resting heart rate starts increasing and sleeplessness (both can be cured with a few days of rest).


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