Rest Day!!!!


Whoop! Rest day, but I still ache…….

Reading some other blogs of UK based people this morning has brought to my attention the impending snow situation. Starting it seems just as I head out running tomorrow lunchtime and continuing into the weekend for my Sunday run. While those in the US/Canada might be prepared for running in settled snow, I am not! I struggle as it is to decide how many layers to wear, but now are normal trainers grippy enough to run in snow?!


3 thoughts on “Rest Day!!!!

  1. hello there and greetings from snowy germany… just ran in the snow today… bit tricky but nothing to worry about… the only thing i might suggest is… not to put on too many layers… i usually run with one of those multi-functional long sleeve jumper – a t-shirt and a windbreaker. with this i still find it warm after a while… don’t know if that is helpful…


  2. Guten Tag Germany! It’s always that 3rd layer I can’t decide on – thankfully we were given waists to tie those extra layers around. Excellent effort on the run. Emma


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