Chi Running in the Frost of Finsbury Park – 2nd attempt!

Good old copy and paste for this one, may give the email thing a miss!


By the time I went to bed last night I was already aching from PT in the morning.

Gray, who’s THE Chi Running man getting me ready for the marathon, had told me to try and take things easy in my PTs with Jel…. as you can tell from yesterday’s blog, that did not happen…..

I certainly ached this morning when I saw Gray, but as he didn’t ask if I ached, I didn’t own up to it either – quads and bottom being the main issues – all those squats and lunges had worked their magic.

Any hoo, we met in the gym and did some body looseners to warm up – ankles, knees, pelvis, hips*, arms, spine, opening up the chest – and then off out into the frost of Finsbury Park. It was a cold one, but even starting off at a super easy pace I soon warmed through. After 5 minutes we moved onto running at effort level 12, zone 2, basically still being able to chat while running! We spent 30 minutes in the park and along the lovely parkland walk, cold, fresh, with ice on the puddles – idea of hell to some but I was perfectly happy watching the world come to life and smashing the ice as we ran along! Then a gentle 5 minute cool down and back to the gym for a quick stretch.

Today I had issues keeping my shoulders relaxed and my arms swinging loosely. My right shoulder seemed to float upwards all by itself and my left arm was back to its old tricks of randomly dropping to my side. So that has become this weeks ‘focus’ while running, concentrating on locking my shoulders down (to keep a max length between shoulders and ears) and over emphasising the swinging of my elbows back as if to jab someone standing too close behind me in the ribs!

That’s one great thing about Chi Running, there’s so much to think about while you’re running along – the focuses, making sure your form is good – standing tall, titling pelvis, lower abs engaged, shoulders relaxed, lower legs relaxed, feet/ankles relaxed, relaxing the lower back, long neck, hands gently curled as if holding a butterfly, jabbing someone in the ribs, shoulders pointing forwards – I’m sure there’s more. But as I say, plently to think about – makes the miles fly by, not thinking about running with your legs, just getting the form right and the running kind of happens almost as a by-product!

No idea who reads this or where you’re based, but if you’re around London, then Gray is holding some free 1hour workshops at my gym in Finsbury Park – check him out on facebook – promise he’s not asked me to advertise him or anything, just that Chi Running has improved my running ability so much it would be great to share it with others!!/GrayCawsPT?fref=ts

Can tell I’m getting the running bug again now, it’s a rest day tomorrow and I’m a bit sad about that….. but I’m meeting Nikki for breakfast instead so I’m sure I’ll get over it

* the hip one I could not master, it’s like having your arms above your head and moving one forwards and one backwards, but with circling your knees – we gave up on me achieving that – more homework for this week!


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