No snowy PT in the park today……

Instead it was just plain old PT in the park but with the lovely Nikki and Jel.
Jel is getting very much into the swing of our request for Tough Mudder training. He’s really upped the pace/intensity of the workouts – today I realised that Nikki and I had hardly chatted at all, there was no time with all the running about/heavy breathing.
Another friend of ours that we met on ‘The Camp’ last year has signed up to TM and I offered to send her what we’d done this morning/get Nikki to – I seem to block out the memory of the workout as we go along!
Started with a light jog, side steps, high knees, heels to bottom. Jumping jacks, spotted dogs (looks like you are skiing on the spot), squats. Paired up and sawing with the arms while lunging. Jog, high knees skipping, lots of lunges, pulling PT up a hill backwards, jog, side steps across a road and back 20 times whilst other person does jumping squats, repeat and change to jump lunges, burpees, squat thrusts. Run up a hill backwards then back down, repeat a few times. Then run up hill chasing PT/a man on a bike. High knees starting at 10 secs and progressing to 20 secs with a 2 sec increase. Jog around the pond. Collapse on the floor for stretching.
It was a hard session!  And there were some star jumps in there somewhere…..Who knew we could do so much in 1 hour!!!!!
All legs, essentially no arms, I’m tired now……… Was great fun and time flew by, we were finished before I realised
As ever a really fun session, feeling inspired I made the mistake at looking on the TM website and scaring myself with the obstacles! June will come around quickly and there’s a marathon before that!!
One last thing – got Nikki to sign up for a Chi Running session – my trainer is offering free ones – first weekend in February – v excited!

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