Whoop – run in the snow!!!

After a week off due to a cold, losing my voice etc I went for a run at lunch time – in the snow!!!!! It was great, felt so good to be out much to the bemusement of my co-workers. Suggestions were made that I should run in the gym, or at least wear a hat, but I was outside, hatless and happy.

Slightly cross that I started to use my Nikeplus band thing in the first time in about a year and have clearly forgotten how it works (ie how to turn it on). All I can tell you is that gmap tells me it was just over 3 miles and it took 11 songs on my ipod to run it……

Did a little running shopping over the weekend and treated myself to some new long leggings and a fab, will cheer me up in the dark, fluorescent pink reflective vest – no one will miss me now!

My 48 hour excitement re the physio was premature – 1 week later and I’ve phoned them, apparently someone will call me 9-10am Wednesday to make an appointment…..

Hoping the snow settles and we have a snow day tomorrow, but somehow I don’t think so….. boo


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