Where to start…..

So I was good and went to the gym last Wednesday night, all great core-building stuff, nice and relaxing as all ChiRunning stuff is meant to be.

Woke up on Thursday with a feeling or something between groin/hip flexor ache, just a little one, but it was there – that’s to add to my already sore popliteus and occasional achilles aches……

Being the brave/stubborn/foolish girl that I am, I was up bright and early on Friday morning for PT in the park with Jel and Nikki – Nikki and I are doing ToughMudder in June and Jel had decided to give us a TM training session (I think this may have been my fault, I have vague recollections of requesting it in the pub on New Years Eve….). As described on Facebook by Nikki – ‘Mud, check. Crawling on hands and knees in mud, check. Running up and down hills in mud whilst trying not to slip over or bump into each other, check. Interspersed with Squats, abs, squat thrusts, burpees, press ups, boxing and hanging on a climbing frame, check. All done by 8.30am’ only to have Jel add ‘And incline forward and reverse running with a sled (me), reverse crawling and incline intervals! It’ll be fluffy mudder compared to next week!’

So, you can see a nice easy start to a Friday morning – it was so much fun, all aches and pains forgotten in lieu of trying to breathe……

Sadly pains returned by Saturday morning, now more hip flexor than groin I think and now more pain than ache…… but as I’ve got a doctors appointment booked for Monday (today) I went out for my scheduled run on Sunday morning – 65minutes in zone 2. Was a lovely run around Finsbury Park (1.5miles) – was there in time to see the ChiRunning Club with Gray doing their body looseners – then it was off along the Parkland Walk up to Highgate and back (3.3miles) past the running group again and a final quick loopette around the lake in the park (to add some extra minutes!) before heading home. Coming to a grand total of 5.94 miles (according to gmap-pedometer!)

Very pleased with myself for running that far and with hopefully maintaining good technique. Getting better at running in zone 2 – not getting out of breath and being able to hold a conversation. Worked on relaxing my shoulders, lengthening my neck, holding my butterflies and keeping my lower legs relaxed – a lot to think about, but all that focusing makes the ground fly be under your feet – not evening thinking about running!

So, it’s now Monday, all aches present and correct along with the grumblings of a cold that kept me awake half the night. My guru Nikki has decided that I shouldn’t run today (was meant to be doing 35mins) see the doctor and if I insist maybe go and do some gym stuff inside today/tomorrow morning……..

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