less than 16 weeks to go and back to work in 2013


The only good reason for being back in work is that wordpress works far better here than on my iPad, which much as I love it, is not my friend when it comes to blogging!

No real excitement missed, runs in the rain, trips to the gym to counteract the ridiculous amount of food (and alcohol) consumed over the festive period.

Spent a really lovely New Years Eve day in the spa at St Pancras Hotel – worth a visit, we got a 241 deal so was great! May have popped to the champagne bar at St Pancras station first for a small champagne breakfast – that’s how Nikki and I like to roll…….. Sauna, steam room, relaxation pool, jacuzzi and bubble beds and a good play in the gym – they had 2 power plates, I’d never used them before so we had fun trying out all the exercises they had on a poster. Have to say I’m not sure I did any actual exercise on them, but they did make my voice go funny and made the room a blurry mess – my kind of fun in the gym!

NYE evening was spent at home with my boyfriend having a belated Christmas and a yummy Jamie Oliver meal. 

NYE marked 16 weeks to the London Marathon 2013 and also my last night of drinking (that’s the plan anyway, may just mark the start of cutting down, we shall see)

So, first day back to work today, but also first day of training in the new year and the countdown to London has begun……. had a Chi-running session this morning and it was great. Started with a warm up in the gym before donning a heart rate monitor and heading out for a warm up run – which I have discovered, for me, should be as slow as almost walking pace – so easy it’s less than no effort even though we were going up a hill. We then did I’d guess about 3 miles at what Grey describes zone 2 or effort level 11-12. This is where you’re comfortably going along still being able to hold a conversation. We headed out along the Parkland Walk, part of London’s Capital Ring – it’s a disused railway line so nice and flat (actually a v tiny uphill as you head out!) but also muddy – I was informed that my jumping over the muddy puddles was wasting energy and so I should just go through them…… so like a good girl I did. As we turned around and headed for home was passed what I’ve always called the Green Man and Grey had never seen before – I think he runs with his eyes shut!

As we got close to the gym Grey told me that my ‘cadence was good and my pace’ – my pace was what? I’ve still not found out!!

Maybe I will next week…….. until then it’s a trip to the gym this evening for some core exercises


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