Santa PT in the park

Last PT in the park of the year with Jel – sad times – but it was a Christmassy one!

After a warm up of lots of side stepping, high knees, kicking our bottoms and pointing our toes someone, mentioning no names (but Nikki) agreed that doing ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ would be fun. Back when we both used to do BMF we did a Twelve Days of Christmas with a lovely guy called Laurence that nearly killed us all, so why we agreed this time I’m not sure……

So Twelve Days of Christmas involves…. on the first day of Chrsitmas my PT instructor gave to meeeeeee 1 deep squat getting your bottom below the kneesssssss, on the second day of Christmas my PT instructor gave to me 2 sets of alternate lunges and a deep squat etc. Passing through 10 knees to chest, some sit ups, tuck jumps, squat jumps, press ups, and not forgetting five burrrpeeeeeees. Got about half way and the gloves were off followed by the Santa hat – it was just too hot!

Was a lovely fun session that ended with an offer of mulled wine, but 8.15am did seem a little early, so we had mince pies instead!

Am now feeling tired, but it’s the last day of work so I’ll battle through!!!!!!!!


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