Chi Running Tuesday

If Fridays are outdoor PT with Jel, then Tuesday are Chi-Running days with Gray (@graycaws) I think it’s now my 5th week of training with him and my running alone is better and I hope my technique is going the same way! Most of our sessions have focused on technique – feet, ankles, knees, hips, glutes, lower back, shoulders – not even made it to the arms yet! It turns out I have a definite difference between my left and right side of my body. A left shoulder that refuses to relax and my core is much more solid on one side than the other – learning more about it each time and focusing on trying to even myself out.

This week was spent in the gym itself – up until now we’ve either been outside running or inside working on posture etc.

One of the best thing about the sessions is that they’re always so relaxing – even last week when we were running around the park in the freezing cold I was still relaxed!

Today we did a lovely warm up activating all the bits of the body that need to be working for running, a brief run and then got to play on the weight machines – last week we did a ‘belly dance’ as part of the warm up, this week saw the introduction of the ‘Status Quo’ move, or as it’s more formally known, a contralateral single arm cable pull! It was joined by the ipsilateral single arm cable push – no dance move assigned to that yet.

We also introduced a mini-circuit containing my arch nemesis of the exercise world – jumping onto a step……. I have some innate fear of it, but today’s was only a little jump so dealable with – no idea why I hate it so much, other than the fear of tripping over the step whilst jumping and crashing head first to the ground.

Then time was up – an hour goes so quickly! Plans made for the next 2 weeks, Christmas gets in the way next week! Gray’s being nice to me and only made me promise to do 1 run or 1 gym session, but I think I’ll be doing more than that – too much Christmassy food and drink involved not to!


3 thoughts on “Chi Running Tuesday

  1. Belly dance warmup! interesting. I probably won’t do it myself, not the belly dancing sort, but it is nice to hear about the things other people do for a warmup.


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