Dippy and the Rain

My favorite place in all of London is the Natural History Museum ( @NHM_London ) more specifically in the entrance hall with Dippy the Dinosaur), I’ve always wanted to work there, constantly keeping an eye on their vacancies and then earlier this year I saw a chance to volunteer at the weekends in their Wildlife Garden.

This weekend was my first weekend volunteering. We were picking up all the leaves that had fallen off the plane trees in and around the garden – 6 hours in which I made friends with 3 toads and one very friendly robin – Bobbin

my friend from the Natural History Museum

The relevance to running? OMG my hamstrings on Sunday morning! The pain!!!! I can normally touch my toes with ease – not today, had to bend my knees to tie my laces!

It didn’t stop me from venturing out into Finsbury Park park ( @finsbury_pk ) and going for a run – practicing my Chi-running technique. All was going well until half way round when it got suspiciously dark, light rain falling from the sky and a second later the heavens opened up, rain was pouring down and soaked to the skin in seconds, it was cold and miserable, so miserable that decision was made to head for home – being as far away from home as I could be at that point  there was still a long way to go! The rain provided to be very good at making me focus on technique – relaxing my shoulders, lower legs, running tall – anything to stop thinking about how cold and wet it was!!

Still can’t touch my toes, but hopefully a good stretch tonight will help….. and there’s mulled wine and mince pies in the gym tonight – how could I go wrong?



2 thoughts on “Dippy and the Rain

    1. I’ve not – they’re not normally a problem, just not used to gardening! Am suffering with an overused popliteous muscle though – didn’t even know it existed until last week!


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