Friday – PT in the park day

Taking a few deep breaths…… I’ve typed this once and it didn’t save!

So, Friday mornings are PT in the park mornings with Jel (PT) and Nikki (all round awesomeness and fellow trainee(?)) and they’re my favourite training day of the week – we work super hard but have so much fun.

Thank goodness for the cloud and drizzle, it was not as cold as last week where we gave up on running as the paths were too icy! Today we made up for it with a LOT of running – interval training to be more precise – not my favourite activity – far more of a plod along at a steady pace kind of a girl than a crazy sprinter – but as Jel likes to point out – that’s what we pay him for!

The hour flew by in a blur of out-of-breathness and giggling. My highlight was Nikki squatting with a kettle bell and totally confusing herself (think you had to be there….). That and them thinking my running has improved over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been struggling with my fitness since spending most of the last year injured, so was really lovely thing to hear

Only 1 more session before Christmas – there’s a suggestion of wearing our Santa suits from the weekend – I think we’d look v festive running around in the dark………

Best go see if I can make this save and publish, fingers crossed!


2 thoughts on “Friday – PT in the park day

  1. Kingo

    I just couldn’t get the kettle bell and the squat to work effectively! A brilliant session and you should be very pleased with yourself about the running! x


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