Pre-London marathon training training

After the disaster that was my attempt to run the 2012 London marathon I’m hoping to do all I can to run the 2013 one!

Last year saw me get tendonitis in my achillies on my first training run, then I had a slight accident skiing which saw my arm strapped up for 6 weeks and so no more running for me…….

The London Marathon will be 16 weeks away on New Years Eve – it’s then that the proper training will begin

I’ve started my pre-training training already……..

I’m learning to run properly by doing something called Chi Running ( this may raise some eyebrows or sound like I’ve joined some cult, but through my gym I attended a workshop run by a really lovely guy called Gray ( and after only 1 hour I was converted! It’s all about relaxing as you run, using minimal effort and he claims to be able to ensure I can walk up and down stairs the day after the marathon!!!!

I’ve given up British Military Fitness so I can fit all my runs in every week – a sad day but I’m sure I’ll be back

But am still seeing the lovely Jel once a week for some hardcore outdoor exercise fun with my amazing friend Nikki – we’re out in Finsbury Park at 7.15am come rain, snow, frost and ever increasing chilliness. Jel is awesome at pushing us to work hard and as Nikki is super fit I’m constantly trying to keep up with (read beat) her at everything we do

Sadly this all means no ski trip for me in 2013 – I know my Prof will be pleased, he has me scheduled for a tiddlywinks holiday in Bognor to try and keep me from harm



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